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July 16, 2016


Pokémon GO gets x-rated as players post naked selfies and pornographic images featuring characters

Want to catch them all? Pokémon Go chauffeurs for hire

Can climate affect the Pokémon you catch?

Shawnee man uses dog poop to stop Pokemon Go players from trespassing on his property

Pokemon Go Players Find Naked Woman Vandalizing Church 

(Thanks to Ralph, The Perts and Unholy Slacker)


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The headlines should read:

" Stupid comes out of nowhere and t-bones common sense. "

According to the first story, naked players "aren't even covering their modesty." I think we've finally found the people who manage to let their "inhibitions run wild" in an article that fills a "much-needed gap" in the literature.

Some churches in Pokemon Go (including ones that are converted into homes) are designated as gyms for the game.

Because most people would rather go to a gym?

I also think, just to avoid lawsuits, Pokemon Go needs to include a generous supply of eye bleach.

And yet they still call them Smart Phones.

We never had these problems with our pet rocks!

Waits for Geezer Bus and laughs a Pokemon Go players narrowly avoiding traffic.

Pokemon Go #2

Pokemon GoGoGo

Pokemon Going At It.

Pokemon Do Not Pass Go.
(do not collect Pokemon)
Pokemon Go Directly To Jail

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