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July 16, 2016


Great Yorkshire Show ban following cow tampering

(Thanks to Steve Thompson, who says "I just want to note that Nigel Pulling is the chief executive of the Yorkshire Agricultural Society. Also: Udder Gate.")


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I saw Enhanced Udders open for Bananarama,

Tasty show.

"Daddy, why does the milk taste like silicone?"

"Yorkshires"? Is that what they're calling them now?

"Keep your hands off my teats, pervert!"

Is tipping permitted?

If it's not one thing, it's an udder.

Peace, love, and udders, standing.

I saw some "enhanced udders" at an exotic club once- but it seemed like a good thing to me

Some people can't escape bad mammaries.

Known methods of improving the appearance of cattle for the judges involve pumping up udders with liquid or gas, sealing teats or painting them.

I wondered where exploding cows came from. Now I know.

I never heard of painted cows before today, unless you count the Kardsians.

"Udder Gate"???

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