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July 21, 2016


Woman trying to catch Pokemon in cemetery gets stuck in tree

(Thanks to Le Petomane

'Pokémon Go' players in Bosnia are wandering into minefields

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)

Incredibly dangerous' Pokemon Go stunt draws ire of TTC

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Einstein's Theory of Intelligence Equilibrium:

Intelligence of phone + intelligence of user = a constant.

Which East Greenwich are they talking about?

Luckily, I know nothing about Pokemon. But if they ever invent this game with Men In Kilts instead of cartoon characters, I'm doomed.

I guess you blog guys can have a version called "Boobs!".

A) A very intelligent-looking person suggests that you go into a minefield to look for items to enhance your status or some such ego-gratification. You, distrustful of advice from random strangers (like Mom always said), tell him to perform some biologically impossible act, and wander along.

B) Moments later, a little hand-held machine points you toward another minefield by displaying a fictional creature for you to battle and collect. Into the field you go, until you either emerge with the creature or the minefield expels you without several key body parts.

Which is the more plausible?

Did anyone notice that the Advent of Pokemon Go coincided with the Canadian Postal Strike/Slowdown issue? It could explain a few things.

I'm expecting a package from Canada and am being assured it may take only a year or two,

I think it's time to alert the National Guard about this Pokemon Go situation.

We've been given a once in a lifetime Darwinian opportunity to eliminate all the dum dums.

We almost need a Category for all these Poke Mongo stories.

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