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July 24, 2016


There may be phlatulence.*



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So it will be just like a regular session of Congress - they all are full of beans.

I'm waiting for Al Gore's comments on the environmental impact of the planned "fart in."

Though this be madness, yet there is methane in't.

Only one cure for that, Dave: cheesesteak, and lots of it. Oh yeah, and beer,

Forget the beans. Escargot dipped in garlic butter is the way to go.

Aren't all political conventions powered by hot gases?

I'll loan them my dog. She can clear a room in 3 seconds.

“United in Unity, As One, Together, Undivided.”

Dave, keep us up to date on the state of the
protestors in spite of Hillary's claim, "it took eight agonizingly long years, but the economy is fixed."

Oh, let us know if anything, like the city of Philadelphia, burns down and leads to a fix for an end to racism, sexism, fascism or capitalism. If you run into trouble, like close range gunfire from a semi-automatic cannon, call Furniture Lives Matter. And don't ever, for any reason, mention Debbie Wasserman Schultz again. I have disturbing pictures.

color me phlabbergassed

Brilliant, Ralph (or, should that be "Rafe?")!

I don't know about my fellow blogophytes, but seeing the word "farts" in the headline of a story in a mainstream newspaper makes me damn proud to be an American!

We had the Summer of Love, which promoted love...so, would this be the Summer of Farts?

Make America's Eyes Water Again

K i think Dave likes to pull your leg

and he loves to pull your finger

Too many beans, too much methane in an enclosed area already full of hot air. Now add a spark of flame----Dave,save yourself, be prepared to run away at a seconds notice. And sadly, no newscaster will say," Oh, the humanity"!

Oh, the humanity!

Beef jerky. That's the ticket.


Clankie: Escarcot would have been more a Republican stimulant. Don't you think?

We're gonna need more Beano.

this 'party' in pa lookin more philly 'chuck-e-cheese' steak-y

Philadelphia also has historical precedent for this.

Doesn't farting contribute to global warming???

let the blowviation begin !

Reminds me of that South Park episode where everyone plays the "brown" note and then sh*ts their pants. The whole entire world did as a matter of fact.

Or even that Futurama episode where the robots all release their gases into the atmosphere.

Theme music: Break Like The Wind

A future mini-series; Breaking Bad Wind.

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