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July 17, 2016


I'm off to Cleveland today to begin my Summer of Fun coverage of both political conventions and the Olympics. I plan to keep blogging, but it might be random and sporadic. As opposed to the normal procedure, which is random and sporadic.


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Say hi to Don-Don, Mike, Hilary, and Bernie for me. Avoid the Zika-Bearing Mosquitoes (WBAGNFARB).

I pray for your success. Provide us with the big picture political reporting we have come to expect.

safe travels, Dave - & please be sure to use a *LOT* of bug spray

Didn't Random and Sporadic open for Ozzy?

Random and sporadic is the only way to approach things which are random and sporadic.

Don't forget to take a gas mask, Dave! Not in case there's tear gas if the protesters get too crazy at the convention, but just because it's Cleveland.

Maybe if all goes well you can finally write a book.

But Dave! When you're gone the sun doesn't shine as brightly, the birds quit singing, and my whole day is ruined! Okay, maybe it isn't that bad but I do miss you.

Don't worry, cindy, I'm sure Judi will be on the case.

Oh yeah, ione more guy in a kilt.

No, that was cruel of me.

Let me make it up to you.

Way too much info, and pass the eye bleach.

Preceding comment was meant for Jeff.

Dave: safe travels. And avoid the squirrels and squirrely types.

I used to like Jeff Meyerson. But after seeing those last two pictures I'm not so sure anymore.

Have a safe trip, Dave. When in Cleveland make sure to check out Lake Eerie. And to Jeff Meyerson, those kilt pictures were great. Well, maybe not great, but really gets your attention.

*Begins melting wax for Jeff*

NC ~ I think the trouble with Jeff is that he has too much hair...


While at the convention, please don't take anything which the orange-colored candidate says very seriously. No one else does, except to mock him, which is sort of fishing in a barrel.

No doubt you'll have plenty of comedy material to work with!

Great, now I've got "Burn On" by Randy Newman stuck in my head. Cleveland, City of Light, City of Magic; Cleveland, City of Light, you're calling me . . .

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