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June 13, 2016


judi is a grandma! Congrats to her, and to the newly arrived Elowen Alice and her proud parents. In honor of this happy occasion judi will not be fired any more today, probably.


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Welcome to the Grandma Side, judi! It's wonderful. Congratulations to you and kisses to Elowen Alice (such a beautiful name!).

hey, congrats! a pink baby quil kilt is in order, & lotsa barberho lullabies ;)

Congratulations, judi!

* and imagining the day judi gives Elowen a book of Baby's First Kilt Photos *

Grats! Quick, pick a cool grandparent name before they stick you with a clunker... :)

Congratulations to the Stealth Grandma! And major welcomes to Ms. Elowen Alice, even if I don't know how to pronounce her first name.

And though Dave may continue his imperious ways, you can never be fired from being a Grandma.

Congratulations, Judi. Mazel Tov!

So this was a "Spoiler Alert"? Grandparents are supposed to spoil the grandkids! Many blessings!

Congats; and a whole day of job security. What relief you must be feeling.


Yay, Judi!


Elowen: Three letters: L-O-N

Congrats Judi. Fab names the little 'un has.

Congratulations, judi! We look forward to the day you pick Elowen Alice up at kindergarden in the Weinermobile!

Congrats Judi. Elowen, welcome aboard!

Congrats! Let us know when she's old enough to help us wax the problematic bloggers around here (and you guys know who you are).

Hi, Elowen! You'll be glad to know there's a grace period of six months following birth before you can be fired for the first time.

Congratulations to Judi!


It is said that grandparents and grandchildren get along so well because they have a common enemy.


Children are a gift from somewhere. Congratulations to Judi and her family!

From what I've heard, Judi, there are exactly two rules to being a grandma:

1. Feed 'em lots of sugary sweets

2. Send 'em home when they stink!

Congratulations, Judi!

congrats, judi. let the job shadowing begin

Congratulations, Judi!

Mazal tov, Judi!

Congratulations, Judi. I had no idea that I could love someone more than I did my kids - then the grandkids came along.

I highly recommend that you share the Ogden Nash poem "Song To Be Sung by the Father of Infant Female Children" with the new parents. It's at the link below.



Debby Witt

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