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June 29, 2016


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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Chavez was given a breathalyzer and recorded the highest level of intoxication EVER recorded.

I'm glad they included the map. It made the article soo much better.

Immodesto is more like it.

Close your eyes and picture yourself on an exotic island. But, seriously, just be sure and keep them closed if you're these two.

Their first mistake was leaving Flathead County.

That is a hard 48.

hard UP 48, jeff

When the mood hits your eye
like a big pizza pie,
That's amore.
When you're all over the grass,
showing everyone your @ss,
That's amore.
Sirens will blare, every everywhere, everywhere,
you're going to jail.
Hearts will play, tippy tippy tay, tippy tippy tay,
Just 'cause you showed your tail.

Many apologies. I'm in a poetic mood today. Where's the Geezer bus?

*parks Geezer Bus in nursecindy's driveway, beeps horn, waits*

So we can't yell " Get an intersection island ! " anymore...?

clankie said 'intersexion' ;)

In his defense (?) and high state of intoxication, a certain late Beatles song was his earworm.

Just trying to get a piece of grass.

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