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June 28, 2016


On a list of the worst places to live, Miami ranks number one, worse than Detroit.

(Another report from Mrs. Blog)


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You know what though Detroit is on the way up with so many better things going on so that does give Miami a new low.

It beat out Paterson, NJ ?! Now that's amazing !

Every time Detroit is mentioned, say Miami in it's place.

You could raise your foam #1 finger but someone stole it.

This is a complete surprise -

they consider Miami an American city!

*high fives Detroit*

Only three of the five fingers remain after the high five

Miami: # JUAN with a BULLET !

# JUAN with a BULLET ?

#JUAN . . . with a BULLET ?

LOL ligirl

But I thought the alligators raved about it?

wow, WTF?! those would NOT post last night, & 3 juans don't make a right !

Have you ever SEEN Jackson, Mississippi? And it only made 12th on the list? Hard to believe. I guess the barbecue at that one place I ate must make up for a lot, because the town is just awful. Even that barbecue joint had a sign on the door telling customers to leave their weapons outside.

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