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June 30, 2016


Regarding The Blog's June 25th posting Alleged Killer And Enraged Judge Go Off The Rails In Insanely Vulgar Hearing, it can now be heard in all its deranged glory. 

Yesterday on John Fugelsang's show Tell Me Everything on SiriusXM Insight, channel 121, John and his fellow comedian Adam Sank performed – without cracking up – a verbatim reenactment of the courtroom feud between Judge Durham and defendant Allen.  Due to popular begging, show producer Xorje Olivares made it available to non-subscribers.  

Not safe for work, obviously, unless you work for SiruisXM Insight or one of the more reformed convents.




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How sweet, you posted the whole message – thanks, Mister Dave! By the way, I'm not affiliated with Sirius; I'm just a fan. At least that's what the court order tells me.

I will reminded everyone, the defendant definitely sat at my lunch table in Jr. High.

IS it just me or does one of them slightly wound like GWB? and where can I buy ear bleach?

Interesting that both of them at different times ask the court reporter if she's taking this down. Hate to lose all this inspired dialogue.

How quaint.

Both of them.

As I was unclogging my 1.6 toilet. The Wife exclaims: You do that s**t upstairs. The draw is better. I actually have to do it in stages, as my "Poop-O'Lax" often takes a few days to "kick-in". It's one of the joys of being over 55! It took 2 days to "clear the deck". Now in Vegas, no problem. Most of the 10 megaton flushers can suck the hair off of Howie Mandel's scalp and perform a Brazilian wax job at the same time. Go outside of a big hotel there on a hot-sticky day. It smells like Jimmy Dean's Pig Farm! (So why are they building "Al Fresco" dining courts out in front these days? Vegas stinks!!!

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