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June 29, 2016


Imam suspended after ‘pieces of cucumber found in rectum’

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who is sure there's a perfectly logical explanation.)


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One in a million, doc, it's one in a million!

A: No, rectum.

must be lonely since bowie's gone

I'll let nursecindy handle this one.

I saw Pieces of Cucumber open for Carrot Top, by the way.

what ?

imam ??



An unused large zucchini found in his pocket apparently refused to be indoctrinated but was also found in pieces.

Sorry, this is what I meant to say:
Q: Violated HIPPA?
A: No, rectum.

The Imam's excuse:
"The cucumber was in the chair when I sat down on it."
(With apologies to Robert Fulghum).

Next on the Paula D33n Show:
Paula shows you what to do with your Bumper Crop of summer cucumbers after your co-workers won't take them anymore!

He's in a real pickle now. Or, rather ....

Must have just not chewed well enough.

I've had to assist E.R. docs pull this out of people. The prize went to a guy who had a maglite stuck up there and it was still on. He looked like a glow worm toy. He had to have it surgically removed. Medically he was okay but I'm not sure he will ever get back any of his self esteem. I would like to add that we were all very professional during his treatment. Well, in front of him anyway. After he left all bets were off.

He heard cucumbers were supposed to remove dark circles... Nobody told him it was supposed to be slices.

NC: Three cells or four?

is there where the word "Sterilite" comes from?

The pieces of zucchini remain troubling. If they have anything resembling church dinners, I'd avoid the salad.

Thoroughly chewing your food is always important. Every bite, 26 chews!

PB, 4 cells.

He called it "Big Larry".

To infinity and beyond!

Carnac: Imam
McMahon: Are you the husband or the wife?

{Rim shot drumrolls].

Great post.


Another DIY colonoscopy gone wrong.

Another note to self: Do not ever click another one of Ralph's links with a mouthful of coffee.

Rectum? Damn near killed him.

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