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June 26, 2016


Ronald McDonald gunned down at NC Sonic restaurant

(Thanks to Ralph)


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More tragic Brexit fallout, like everything else that's happened in the last two days.

It was Ronald's own fault for harassing a Sonic. Those little guys can run fast. WHAT? The geezer bus left without me AGAIN?

I miss the days when it was just Burger King getting involved in online flame wars.

(Lends Funny Man a Geezer HoverBoard)

Anyone from the GeezerBus remember when Jack in the Box switched their ad campaign? The last commercial showed an elderly woman saying "Waste the clown!"

Now, 30 years later, somebody finally did.

Shake down gone horribly wrong.

What would Roy Rogers do ?

The Double R Bar Burger, love at first sight!

Where is that geezer bus? And where's my Hoverboard?

Is this any different than getting ecolied at Chipoltes ?

When they recover, both will be recruited for jobs at Chuck E. Cheese.

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