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June 30, 2016


Massive brawl erupts in Mexican restaurant in Dallas after an argument over chips and salsa

(Thanks to Le Petomane, who says "The Chuck E. Cheese of the Southwest.")


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I've always felt that grill cooks need to be trained on how to use tasers.

The perpetrators erupted in a fit of pique o' de gallo.

Unfortunately, Le Pet, we also have Chuck E. Cheese.

This would never occur in the All-Decaf Zen Den.

Is the salsa hot today?

Hot today, chili tamale.

Fight on.

Obviously I'm form Texas.

!. Nobody should pay $5 for a basket of tortilla chips.
2. I'm a green salsa kind of guy.
3. Florida doesn't have a corner on insanity.

In New Mexico, gunfights have erupted over which is better, red or green chili. Like Tex, I prefer green and last I heard, $5 for a basket of salsa and chips of any color was a hanging offense in Texas.

And to think people used to pay good money to see fights on TV.

Chuck Norris would have settled it in about 5 seconds.

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