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June 30, 2016


Man gets stuck inside a statue of a vagina in Germany

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, who says "Tourist trap")

Update: Apparently this is old. Somebody will be fired.


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I'm certain it will vote for Hillary.

Come again!

Caesarian rescue?...

His mother was probably thinking he has changed much in all these years.

The public should not have access to those things.

"Bobby, it's not raining; where're you going with that plastic mac on? ...Bobby?"

A gallon of K-Y jelly later he was free to change his name and move to Flathead County.

Back in Cold War times the CIA called it a honey trap.

"statue...was erected in 2001..."

They said 'erected'. Snort.

It had to be an American...

Well at least he was exiting the correct way.

More lube!

The untold story was that he entered it nine months ago

Recycled news from 2015. Because reporters don't report any more they just regurgitate....sorry, got on a soapbox a bit there....

Actually its from June 2014.

I dont think Judi has been fired lately.

My apologies! - Janice

That poor man has been stuck there a LONG time. Oh, the humanity.

"It is thought to weigh more than 30 tonnes and is valued at more than 120,000 euros..."

Now that would be some heavy petting.

That is one bad case of vaginismus.

Was it clean inside – did he get an immaculate reception?

Mr. Tomato: Please refrain from bringing your political opinions to a humor blog. Please? We're here to laugh at the world, not quibble over which candidate appears more un-electable.

I wonder if he suffered any abrasions. Like, you know, a statuary scrape.

♪ hoo-ha, hoo-ha . . .

Pretty sure every guy in my high school class would have been in.

In Germany, eh? Not quite an iron curtain...

So where does one find this spot? On the yeast side of town?

He encountered the statue of limitations.

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