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June 28, 2016


Here's a report from Mrs. Blog.


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That doesn't surprise me that a cat turned on the faucet. They can do lots of things. They are smart even though I wonder why the cat did this. There must of been a reason.

“We can’t be sure which cat did it " .

Forensics can't dust for paw prints...?

Every cat mentioned, and plenty were put under scrutiny, has a VFDL. Valid Florida Drivers' License.

Years ago my wife and I spent two nights at a Houston writers conference believing our two house cats would manage fine. When we got home the kitchen faucet was running full blast and the door to the bathroom shut. It seems the little darlings had turned on the water, got scared, ran into the bathroom, successfully locking themselves inside. From the mess and huge water bill, we had only been gone a few hours before the carnage started. Only the fact the sink drain was open saved us from a similar situation.

Nice article, Mrs. Blog. \(^.^)/

Sometimes you can ask the water utility company to forgive a portion of the bill when this happens.

Of course, it goes without saying that I suspect the squirrels were behind this.

My family used to have a sweet pair of cats, gentle and friendly. But they're sadly gone, and now there is one younger one in our house. He bears a different official name, but I call him Death Wish.

When did Mrs. Blog move to Flathead County? And WTF is a "cat room?"

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