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June 27, 2016


Here I am in an elevator with Miss Paula Poundstone, with whom I did an event last night at the American Library Association convention in Orlando. You will be surprised to learn that she is pretty darned funny.




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She looks great. I think she lost a few pounds.

I remember when she was telling how she wound up with 19 cats.

As the story goes, she had 18 cats, and she got one more.

And that's just her hairdo.

*bada bing*

Yes, she she funny, funnier than I'd expected.

love Love LOVE Paula Poundstone! I listen to her regularly on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

I'm a fan of Paul Poundstone too. She is very funny but, Dave is funnier.

Please assure us that no selfie-stick was involved in the taking of this photo. I trust one of the Rock-Bottom Remainders on-hand for the shot.

Paula is funny. Very funny. I agree!

Paula is a master of timing.

I dressed up as Beetlejuice also once for halloween. Everyone thought I was funny an seemingly "better" than my normal personality until I got drunk an started handing out bic lighters to small children for fun. I had to get the outfit at a ladies suit shop in a mall. That was almost as much fun. I listened to her recently and laughed abit as well.

I alsways consider that the best episodes of "Wait Wait" on NPR are those with her.

Paula is in fact very funny. How about Dave? Is he ever funny? All I know about him is from reading his columns, so it's hard to tell.

Andy Borowitz, now THAT guy is funny.

P.S. I have two barely past teenage sons, so when I heard Paula talk about her discovery that her teenage son's brain completely lacked frontal lobes, I yelled "That's IT!!!"

*SMACKS* the cheese out of Padraig.

*Picks up the cheese from Padraig that nursecindy slapped out of his head, and throws it another 50 yards distance*

Has Dave been on Wait Wait? That needs to happen!

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