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June 27, 2016


A Tennessee wedding took an unexpected turn when a sparkler held by a guest caused the bride's hair to burst into flames.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Woo! She's smokin' hot!

Who thought this was a better idea than a cover band?

Are they sure it wasn't Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) ?

She was just radiant!

Music playing in Limo,"Smoke gets in your eyes".

She almost made an ash out of herself.

Sulfur, so good.

♫ Hey babe, you lit your hair
and now it's-you're a mess
Rebel Rebel how could they know
Hot tramp, I love an early fourth! ♫

She needs one of those flamethrower helmets.

She made a fuel of herself!

I'll take "All things Michael Jackson Did Years Ago" for $300, Alex?

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