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June 27, 2016


Inside the 'Temple of Rats' overrun by 20,000 vermin which are invited to dine with people and are WORSHIPPED by visitors

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Meh. Our congress critters uhm...are that already. And many of them...seem to be lazy and dirty.

♫ . . . now it's 'us', now it's 'we'

ligirl's reference

What happens in Rajasthan, stays in Rajasthan. I hope.

A themed restaurant in NYC?

wow thanks for that MOTW, how many of us remember seeing that live ? such a perfect voice & beautiful talented young man - What happened?!

& more on Ben

Now we know where Willard went when he retired.

I'm pretty sure I stayed in that hotel....

Thanks for the preview of that new "Indiana Jones and the Rat Temple Gods" movie being planned. I think I'll sit it out till all the reviews are in.

I'll be staying outside, thanks.

Another place I won't be visiting. I feel about rats about the same way I feel about snakes. I don't want one anywhere close to me.


Sounds like a job for Truly Nolen!

You dirty rat!

So much for the " all religions worship the same god " mantra.

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