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June 03, 2016


Are scrotal lifts the next trend in male grooming?

(Thanks to DaninDallas, Madeleine, Patty Villanova, Al Barkafski, Jeffrey Brown and Le Petomane)


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"C'mon down to Crazy Barry's Plastic Surgery Emporium and get "Package Enhancement 2-for-1 special! You have both done, or bring a friend!"

I saw Scrotal Lifts open for the Buzzcocks.

"I see. It's when they drag the floor you become really weak and self conscious about it?"

" Hey, Joe, You look different. Did you get a ball-job done?"

"Sure did. Perky, huh?"


Oh, hell no.

A new low...

I'm looking at YOU, tom brady

Is this a form of tea-bagging? Did not read the article.

To quote the band War: "The low rider is a little higher"

Before looking at the article, I'm going to guess that this involves helium.

Ha,ha, ha, ha. Oh brother

Didn't read the article.

The only possible opening sentence for a headline like that is:

"Good Lord, I hope not."

ligirl, I heard from an unreliable source that Tom Brady financed the start-up company.

Better "the next trend in male grooming" than "the next trend in gym routines". Give me thirty preacher curls, thirty bench presses, and thirty scrotal lifts!

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