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June 27, 2016


Woman’s violin confiscated after neighbours complain about ‘strangled cat’ noises

(Thanks to Le Petomane and Ralph)


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What's the matter, cat gut your strings?

I play the violin, piano, guitar, and flute. I'm trying to figure out how she played the violin loud enough to be heard that far away. I play very softly because, I don't play very well.

Now that they took away her violin, she finally has time to practice opera singing.

Are they sure she wasn't practicing on the bagpipes?

The one time a story is truly about terrorism, and no mention of it from the author.

I wish you hadn't said that, Le Petomane. Now I have Giovanni Jones (from the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Long-Haired Hare") stuck in my head.

The cat now looks a bit worried, though.

You mean they didn't take the two mics and megapowered amp?

sometimes my husband snaps my g string but it doesn't hurt my pussy


I'll bet payback is hell, though, ligirl.

Everybody's a critic.

yeah, meanie, he might hafts go fiddle his own banana

I think the violin was just a cover for her cat strangulation business.

cat gut your tongue ?

I resent those remarks, MOTW and ligirl. And FredKey.

whoops, sorry MOTW didn't see ya up there - & i have no idea what a tongue would be doing near a pu - um, Cat, anyway

*kicks garfield*

They should confiscate Bieber's chicken.

Well, gee, this is an obvious screw-up. Nobody likes listening to the violin, it's a long-proven fact.

If she had been playing the fiddle, things would have turned out much better for all concerned.


I played trombone.
Because nothing beat tooting your own horn!

(Bass clef rocks, NC!)

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