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June 30, 2016


International Mud Day celebrated in Quispamsis

(Thanks to'

Doesn't "Quispamsis" sound like the name of a disease? As in "Uncle Bud up and died from the Quispamsis."


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""I like just getting people," said Jessica Doody while taking a break from a mud fight..."

- a name we are not making fun of, I'm sure.

We live in a strange society, Dave. Today big pharma is hypothetically promoting it's products (e.g. Quisparmel which does not exist). Then in six months "Did you take
Quisparmel? It causes ____ and you need to file a legal claim now to protect your legal rights."

It makes me long for those halcyon days of watching bikini mud wrestling in a seedy bar while drinking beer.

And remember, MUD spelled backwoids is DUM.

The depravity. Dirty pictures of children in the local paper.

On a personal note, as an old guy with a mountain bike, BTDT. I say, why should the kids have all the fun?

I think Uncle Bud caught the Quispamsis from that container of coleslaw 'cause it wasn't fresh. Or maybe even from those genetic cigarettes.

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