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June 13, 2016


We are spending a few days at our brother-in-law's rustic cabin in North Carolina, and last night we left our laptop plugged in to charge underneath a rustic air conditioner that was installed just after the Civil War. This turned out to be a bad idea; our laptop now has roughly the same moisture content as Costa Rica. We are posting this from our phone, but will probably not be blogging much more for the next few days. Possibly judi will post some items, in addition to being fired for allowing this to happen.


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Wet laptop? Must be one of the Wisconsin Dells.

*groan* at AmoebaStampede.

Say "hi" NurseCindy if you see her in NC. Unless the restraining order is still in place.

Dave, if you see NC in NC, don't try to touch her leg. She's liable to slap you with a chicken...

nursecindy is on the way!

PirateBoy, you beat me to it.

A rustic cabin with an air conditioner? Suddenly I recall a column that Andy Rooney wrote in 1986 after he visited a boat show: "I'm always surprised to see a boat that's air-conditioned because I always thought the point of a boat was to get out into the open air."

I understand nc is also armed, in which case a chicken is the least of your worries. Yeah, those Civil War air conditioners are why the South lost.

Say hello to Sheriff Taylor and Opie

I suspect judi is luxuriating in the comfort of an office with modern air conditioning, the kind that people in large spaces can never agree on about whether it is too cold or too hot or too noisy or the air blows right on them or they just know there's mold in there or [insert endless conflicting complaints here]

Meanie, I keep the air conditioning at work set at "meat locker." If my staff complains, I tell them they have two choices: They can put something on or I can take something off. Choose wisely. (My wife knitted wraps for all of them a few years ago.)

Can you play banjo? Can you squeel?

Enjoy the vacation. In the Old West, when there was no electricity, people hung wet gunny sacks in open windows and let the wind circulate the air. Worked pretty good, but water dripping from the sacks would have rusted any telegraph unit. Communication systems always have been problems waiting to happen.

... or as the day goes on it gets too warm or if it's cloudy it gets too cool or if you turn it to a lower temperature setting the plant leaves get curled or if it's not recirculating Melanie's sinuses get all clogged or if it is recirculating you have to breathe more of Chuck's unprotected sneeze germs or if you forget to close the blinds on the south side after 11 Sara gets sweaty or ....

If the laptop has become sodden due to leaving it under a faulty 156 year old air conditioner, downloading your free Windows 10 upgrade may be hopeless. Microsoft will not stop reminding of the free Windows 10 upgrade situation even if you burn the computer into a molten mass of smoking plastic trying to dry it out over an open fire.

I knew the sun was shining a little brighter here this morning. Dave, if you're in the mountains just remember there are lots of bears that like calling North Carolina home. If you want some of the best bbq you've ever eaten go to Red Bridges in Shelby. It's close to where I'm from too! Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Billy Graham have eaten there. This was way before the first two passed on so don't worry about that. Unfortunately you missed the Coca Cola 600 at Lowes Motor Speedway in Charlotte. Asheville is very artsy and most of us are very friendly. It's also hot here right now so be nice to that rustic a/c. I hope you have a wonderful time.
*SMACKS* Qaz for making his jerk like comment.

Stuff the laptop into a sack of quinoa. That'll dry 'er right out, and then you get to throw out the quinoa.

just heard this one:

Why are computers like air conditioners?

They quit working properly when you open Windows.

Turn off the laptop, remove the battery and any other removable parts, open up/remove any easily accessible parts of the case (screwdriver helpful), and either put the laptop in a low oven, or (preferably) use a hair dryer to remove the moisture content as soon as possible. If nothing has shorted out, the problem isn't water; it's avoiding corrosion. You can have a tech check it before restarting, or take your chances and go to Start > Computer > Minimum Smoke.

How 'bout that.....we just saw Rustic Air Conditioner open for Dolly Parton in Nashville!

A rustic cabin is well worth going. Always nice to relax and unwind, so some fishing. Rustic shouldn't have an air conditioner.(ha) Have a good time.

Meanie, I think I used to work there, but the people's names were different.

And MT, resist all all costs getting Windows 10. I unfortunately purchased a new computer where it was already loaded and I HATE it. Hard to believe I'm actually nostalgic for 7...

Rustic would mean no electricity. Electricity means " rustic ".

Tinatalker, one the very first things I do when installing Windows 10 is download and install a free 'start' button, Classic Shell, found here.

I dislike Windows 10, but I have to keep a computer I built and installed with Windows 10 on hand to test computer parts a large E-tailer sends me for testing. I keep the parts in exchange for my professional online review of the product.

Naaa, the best BBQ is at Fuzzy's in Madison. But hey, it's all good.

Natures Most Perfect Food...

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