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June 29, 2016


Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier, recently broke the record for popping 100 balloons in under 40 seconds.

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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The owner's kids' birthday parties have been traumatizing, however.

i don't get it - of the 7 dogs in my life (so far) they'd all sh!t themselves when even *1* balloon popped

A few hours after setting the balloon-popping record, Twinkie shattered the balloon-pooping record, but that remains unofficial, because the Guinness representative refused to count.

This is a felony in New Hampshire.

I'll have what Twinkie's having, deep fiend and ala mode please.

What? [Grumbles his disappointment to the geezer bus and falls over.]

Great post.


Great post.


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