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May 31, 2016


Chinese man with head stuck in washing machine rescued by fire crew

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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Maybe he was re=enacting that commercial to see if he turned black?

Wow, he must have had a really big head!

The late Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson would be proud.

He really got stuck in a task he was unsuited for. Maybe next time he'll send his laundry out.

Did he have a tickee?

It was a Helpee Selfee laundry.

Nice play, Hose... I mean... Zhang Wei.

Liquid snort warning for comments.

The best part was the pink tighty whiteys hanging out. Wash not his forte.

Eddie Cleanhead Vinson deserves a spot on the Blog.

Shouldn't that headline read, "Chinese Guy Gets Head Stuck In Washing Machine"? This is definitely a guy thing. I have a feeling he did this so his wife wouldn't ask him to do the laundry again.

That reminds me.

Chinese Laundry Blues is not Blues. I think it was the first song to trace back to the beginnings of Chinese Country Western.

Guess he didn't have an ancient Chinese secret on how to prevent that.

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