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May 31, 2016


Here's your video of the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Send them to Washington.

Waiting for the giant foot ...

That doesn't look like a very interesting sport at all.

Until I saw the video, I thought it might look similar to an Arcola Lawn Rangers routine.

One can't help but wonder how many pubs are nearby.

Interesting. Cheese also runs downhill.

I had no idea cheese was so athletic! I've only seen cheese loaf.

"Always fun, I'll be back next year and yes, spinal fusion is one option we are looking at."

After this year's primaries, I think many now feel as if they've been cheese rolled.

There has to be more to winning than getting a wheel of cheese. Are there groupies associated with raising the cheese?

Logically, I agree with the aptly-named Cheesewiz, but we are talking about people who follow a cheese at full speed as it bounces down a hillside. The cheese just has to be the smartest of the bunch.

Also, if you were a groupie, would you be lusting after a cheese-chaser?

Running all over hill and Wensleydale.

Speaking of spinal fusion and groupies, here's your video of an earlier annual Cheese Rolling. (Circa 1750... when spectators had to settle for using super-8 cameras.)

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