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May 28, 2016


They have pulled out all the stops.


Here's Miss Burlington Area ChocolateFest and some other beauty queens.


There was also a chocolate-eating contest.


Also people carving humongous things of chocolate (known, technically, as "things of chocolate").


Also there were games of skill.



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Makin' fun of the cheeseheads again I see... Well, at least it's chocolate this time instead of mass drunkenness.

FYI, long before Wal-mart sold cocoa mulch, gardeners used to swarm the Hershey's plant once a year for cocoa shells. It was pretty much unknown elsewhere. I get a load every year and for a few days my garden smells like Willy Wonka's.

Don't forget to bring your Blackening Ticket.

p.s. Tony Romo will be crowning the Chocolate Queen. Or not. If he's around, maybe.

Omword a chocolate festival and queen too. Well I am glad to know that the compost area is closed. Funny

It looks like only vanilla people attend the chocolate festival.....

What kind of festival do they have in the town where they make Prep H ?

Clankie : A CrapFest?

Or maybe Roid-A-Rama.

I saw Things of Chocolate open for ... no, wait, that was Vanilla Fudge. Sorry.

Just a bunch of fudge packers.

A chocolate fest would seem to be an ideal place for finding companionship of the lady variety. It's a week long, for heaven's sake.

Lonoko: Packing for the local candy company?

Where is Ray Nagin now that we need him?

What? No cornhole championships? I love the South.

Thank PirateBoy, I wish I saw this educational movie when I was a boy....

Burlington isn't far from Delavan, where Andes Candies mints are made. Milwaukee has enough chocolate makers that sometimes you smell that instead of beer as you drive by. Basically, anywhere you find Bavarians you'll find beer and chocolate.

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