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May 26, 2016


Unfortunately, etc.

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Send him to Congress, consistent with "Truth in Advertising"

Our race for Congressman reveals financial disclosure statement's that look like this.

Incumbent (we'll call him Ritzy-Titzy) has $3.9 million on hand to fund his campaign for re-lection.

One single challenger for the seat (we'll call him Windass) has $692.00 on hand.

The dollar amounts on hand figures are not a joke.

Looks like the Principal in the Archie comics and TV toons. And... Yes, somebody is bring back a so-called Live action version. Not gonna be viewing it.

I loved that guy in Windass & Gromit.

Can we envision a Windass/Hornfuckle ticket? I, myself, would proudly buy several bumper stickers to put on other people's cars.

The campaign is getting noisy.

Sadly, he was upset in his re-election bid by Archibald 'Asslebrook.

How wonderful that he is in charge of regulatory functions

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