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May 30, 2016


Male girls win first state title since 1972

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner)


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That headline pretty much guarantees a double take.


I was surprised that it is not about Thailand.

The inevitable result of transgender bathroom usage.

Male Girls are driving North Carolina fundamentalists and Franklin Grahamn crazy.

Fancy dinner seating arrangements must be hell.

Husky Women subdue Ducks and go on to challenge the Male Girls.

Oh I get it, Male is the name of the school! Which is not what I thought at first...

What's the big deal, Caitlin Jenner did this sooo long ago.

Some headlines mean different things now.

Paging Mr. Abbot and Mr. Costello; you are needed in Kentucky, immediately.

Fortunately, they kept the nickname of Bulldogs, rather than asking the biology department what the appropriate feminine form of Bulldog would be.

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