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May 06, 2016


“Due to rising temperatures, we will not be accepting boob or sock money.”

(Thanks to Ken Fineberg)


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This is discrimination against pole dancers!

I guarantee you that people's hands are filthier than their boobs or socks.

Related SNL skit


we're gonna need a money launderer

All the more reason to build a wall.

Since the policy's implementation, store employees have reported a sharp decline in the sounds of George Washington gasping for air.

What about boob and sock credit cards and checks ?

I know people who would pay extra for sweaty boob and sock money.

But purple P*nile sex toys are still okay, right?
Suggested soundtrack for this story: the Who's Squeeze Box.

Due to rising what, actually?

Is jock cash still ok? The term jock rich comes to mind.

Who's going to foot the bills now?

So now what am supposed to with the $6.00 in change I've got stashed in my butt crack??

Le Petomane,

I'd pay extra for sweaty boob money - as long as I get to retrieve it. ;-)

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