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May 31, 2016


Sausage-wielding gang attacks vegan cafe

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Al Barkafski, Dennis, Le Petomane, Roberto and Phil Walter)


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Related story near bottom of the page regarding Ronnie's Wood's wood is captivating.

One can wield a sausage but it is quite difficult to brandish kale or cabbage or less stout foods.

A lesson for us all.

How far is Tsbilisi from Atlanta?

Oh, that far?

I saw the Sausage-Wielding Gang open for Meat Loaf.

Tasty show.

It's about time.

Restaurant owners take wrong turn. Mistake Georgia for San Francisco. Incite meat attacks (which has very different meaning in SF).

"First they came for the arugula, and I did not speak out....."

The sausage wielders were charged with assault by a tasty weapon.

They were casing the joint for weeks.

the vegans feared the wurst

This Georgia is the one that's part of Soviet Empire. They view Vegans as a sign of Western Perversion, and they may be right.

LOL at Le Petomane's comment!!! He wins the Internet today.

Salami Licked 'em.

" It was you, Fredo. "

they're gonna make 'em an offal they can't refuse

Snorf worthy comments- special mention to Meanie.

ligirl meats my criteria for LOL

They weren't willing to meat halfway. Also, I propose Barry's Law (a corollary to Godwin's Law) -- in an online discussion, whoever wields the first sausage loses the argument.

So glad that everyone here rose above the cheap sausage fest jokes..."D'oh!"

Make way for the iron sausage.


The group is believed to have made their getaway in the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

Reality denying vegans only saw sage .

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