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May 28, 2016


Photo showing really bad parking at Texas school goes viral

(Thanks to Steve K)


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I really hate people who do that, but even by @sshole standards this guy is special. He took up FOUR spots!

Yes, a rare four-sphincter rating for this driver. Be proud.

Maybe the driver was blind. Has anyone thought of that ?

And we know the @sshole owner of that big diesel truck will be totally surprised that it won't start when he comes to drive it away.

"Congratulations, you passed your test. Could you please back up and park over there."

"Did we cover those two maneuvers?"

I dated a guy for awhile that would park like this. He said it was so people wouldn't ding his doors when they parked next to him. I told him when I saw cars or trucks parked like that it made me want to take a tire iron to the entire vehicle. He drove a Ford Mustang Cobra. We broke up after a year. I really miss that car.

I dated a gal for awhile, she was a stripper OK, who had this like 1959 Thunderbird a sugar daddy had given her saved away. She couldn't drive because when she drank she *REALLY* drank and was *REALY, REALLY* drunk every day. So one night I think I drank too and we decided to take the '59 for a spin. So I'm lovin' it. got her up to like fifty or so and here was this stop sign. It was then I figured why she never drove it. She was too drunk to remember to have brakes put on it!

Are there any photos of the words keyed into the driver's side door?

Her car was blue, but looked just like this one. I may have a picture of her laying around, but because of the Blog's strict polict, etc.


even by @sshole standards this guy is special. He took up FOUR spots!

More than once, I've seen Corvette drivers take up SIX!

I'm betting it belongs to a PE teacher.

When I was but a PirateLad, I had a PE "coach"" (as we had to call her), telephone my parents to lament about my lack of effort in physical education. My parents asked "Does he show up and do what is required?" and the "coach" answered "Yes, but he never pushes himself to run faster, or try harder." You should have heard my parents laugh! "It's only a PE class", they told her, "It's not a subject that matters. No one is going to be offered a higher salary, or complete grad school quicker, just because they could run a 100 yard dash 1/2 a second faster by the end of the term."

By the end of the call, I think that the "coach" was whimpering.

This is why I drive the vehicles that I do. I tell my wife that I don't have to lock my car doors. The appearance is all the theft deterrent I need. I also will never notice if another driver puts a scratch on my door.

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