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May 27, 2016


New York City decriminalizes peeing in the street, drinking alcohol out of a bag and littering

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I would think that they should have some rules.

^ We do. For example, after you tickle one of the people in Elmo costumes in Times Square, you have to get yourself checked for rabies.

Looks like de Blasio is bringing back the good ol' days to NYC.

Our new slogan is:

Come to New York - Bring Boots!

I wish they would make walking too slowly up the stairs exiting the subway while looking at your cellphonea a felony punishable by confiscation of all electronics and prison time.

I guess that's one way to circumvent the bathroom issue.

Amen, Bev.

Also, people who don't get that you WALK ON THE RIGHT up and down the stairs in the subway.

sounds like a fun weekend.

Why persecute disgusting filthy slobs ?

If they'd just make it legal to drink alcohol in public WITHOUT a bag, we'd have fewer litterbugs.

Well now I know where I'm going for my summer vacation! You New Yorkers would go crazy here. In the summer when it's around 100 degrees with 100% humidity we move very slowly. For some reason it's ingrained in our brains that the slower you walk, the cooler you'll feel.

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