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May 31, 2016


Beer for dogs.

(Thanks to [of course] wiredog)


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Dogs, like some people, get mean when they're drunk. I don't think this is a smart move.

My dog was speed reading the article when He came across, chicken flavoring. He prefers beef or another dog's hind end. OK, I don't have a dog.

Can we go back to the halcyon blog days of discussing urinal coins?

Life was better then

So bring back Topper and the Kirby's alcoholic dog Neil.

*brings the geezer bus to Clankie's door*

"Hold my dog's beer and watch this!" is not going to catch on.

And this is different than Bud Lite in what aspects?

Jeff: To paraphrase Santayana:

" Those who cannot remember the past missed seeing a lot of very funny TV shows. "

'course they can't 'legally' drink til they're 3

Haven't we seen this before?

Great... my dog humps enough random things as it is, can't imagine how much worse it will get with beer goggles.

beer doggles

(fixed that for you, Ron)

Toby Keith's horses aren't going to like this.

Dang it, I *almost* went with "doggles"! :P

There won´t be fire hidrants enough to meet the demand ...

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