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May 27, 2016


This woman has had SIX RIBS removed to look like her cartoon heroine

(Thanks to Nate West)


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Yuck. Her boobs look bad too. She needs a reduction there to look attractive. She is ready for the circus.

When I look at her I think of a summer day in the park and a bunch of helium balloons.


"...first, do no harm."

Hypocritus oath.

The "before" photo makes me think the plastic surgeon(s) should be sued for malpractice. Great Merciful Zeus!

The major body modifications aside, why do so many women get those horrid lip injections??? They do NOT make them look like Angelina Jolie, but completely effin' ridiculous. Seriously, ladies, STOP IT!

Note to self: Do NOT click on any more blog links that even SUGGEST a link to a photo.

"I'm not bad. I'm just injected, padded, deconstructed, rearranged, reshaped, extruded, expanded, and extended that way."

If you could bear scrolling all the way down, she was a hottie before her lobotomy.

I'd like to see the surgeon's informed consent form.

Disclaimer: Although we strive to achieve the best possible aesthetic result through this surgical procedure, your chance of anything even remotely positive are non-existent to total naivete on your part. Forget arbitration, you are an airhead should you consent to this procedure.

If she was that desperate to marry a rabbit I'm sure she could have found a willing one without going to all that trouble.

Refer to the "Crazy-Hot" Matrix. It could save you or a friends life:


This mentally ill woman has long passed what we call sanity. Her only hope for happiness is to finally meet that rabbit of her dreams and live happily in a hutch of their own. Failing that, there is this guy in Switzerland who wants to be a goat. They might be a match.

wanderer, I learned a long time ago to be careful when I click on links here. I'm going to take everybody's word for it that she looks gross.

I don't think she looks at ALL like SpongeBob.

I considered labioplasty, but the doctors said it would take me a long time to heal, as they had to much material to work with.

I suppose it could be worse. She could be a big Godzilla fan.

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