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April 29, 2016


The world's first ever armpit sniffing dating event took place at the Alcoholic Architecture bar in central London on Wednesday night.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Yep! Bizarre is the word for it. Why don't they just use their smart phones equipped with a sniffer to do it for them?

Key venue: the Alcoholic Architecture Bar.

Where's the "some people call this foreplay" comment ? Its like waking up and no coffee ....

Does this venue let you meet someone "armed and dangerous"? It's the pitts, right?

they should all be banned


I doubt whether any of them got axed out.

maybe in secret , mtb

Smells Like Teen Spirit.

ligirl, MtB: are you sure?

If this were in France... OMG, the smelling of hairy armpits is something best left in the realm of nightmares.

Shouldn't it be "Who's That Smell"?

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