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April 26, 2016


A female elephant has been snapped by a wildlife photographer exposing her breasts while out for a walk with her adorable baby and the rest of the herd.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown, who says "And this is different from the Kardashians, how?")


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Going by just the summary at first, I had a hell of a time trying to figure out whose baby, whose exposed breasts, and whether there was a herd of photographers. I finally called Groucho Marx to help me out.

*agrees with amoeba*

and to jeffrey brown - when i hear kardashians (even tho they're All a buncha big boobs) i think of junk in the trunk, iykwim

Do we call here a "Stacked"yederm ?

I never thought I'd see the day we'd have elephant porn on this blog.

Jeffrey Brown: The difference is IQ points. The elephant's is at least in double-digits. Can't say the same for that other lot.

nursecindy: I know! I figured we'd have beaver porn here on the blog WAY before elephant porn!

We did have the Dino-Porn novel once. Does that count?

Or maybe rackyderm?

Kardashians have bigger rear ends

Exhibitionist Pachyderms once opened for The Animals. 'Quite a romp of a show...

This allows her to be on "Game of Thrones".

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