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April 27, 2016


Jaw-dropping moment a man downs a jar of water with live fish, tadpoles and FROGS swimming inside

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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I think I'll be skipping breakfast today.


I wish I hadn't read this while I was drinking a cup of coffee.

Which shows that fish are not brain food.

Would you like flies with that?

Fortune cookie reading: Sometimes an unoccupied bathroom is a great blessing.

Lucky number: You must be kidding.

That is just too disgusting.

- and Still he doesn't look a tad polish

Any water that supports so many living creatures has be healthy to drink.....right?

"But you don't understand, I won five whole dollars!"

Beats Miller Lite.

bud weis er ?

Note to self: Never ask for the live frog "bubble" special when in China.

I missed the part where they said why.

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