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April 28, 2016


Nashville man ordered to remove zombie statue from front yard

(Thanks to Jeff Schneider)

FYI, this statue was featured in the Holiday Gift Guide some years ago and is proudly displayed in the blog's front yard every Halloween.


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Creeping fascism! This would never happen in Florida.


Homeowner Associations: Dictatorship in Action!

Besides that, I think the statue is artistic.

Anyone offended by this statue, deserves to be offended.

Plastic fantastic.

:: adds this to the list of reasons to never buy in a neighborhood with an HOA ::

Damn. I suppose I'll have to take down my Ted Cruz statue now.

how 'bout if they plant some flowers around it, then he could just be, like, pushing up daisies

- no ?

This is cool, but I like the upside-down version even more.

Doncha love new neighbors?

When zombies are outlawed only outlaws will have zombies.

In small town Ohio you frequently see, in a yard or a garden, a plywood cutout painted to look like a stout woman in a dress bent over - from behind. Which would you rather have?

If the zombie is looking for brains, it should surface in a different neighborhood.

I made the terrible mistake of buying a house in a neighborhood with an HOA. I was in the Air Force at the time. I had already experienced the joys of Yard Nazis. I ended up getting elected to the board as the Anti-Yard Nazi. That was my platform. To block any twit who wanted to come stick a ruler in the grass and issue "violations". I get re-elected every year. I hope to move from this little worker's paradise soon. My next home will NOT be in a neighborhood with an HOA.

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