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April 27, 2016


Officials Ponder How To Remove Dead Whale From Surf Spot

(Thanks to Ralph and The Perts)


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If they call in the Oregon Highway Division, Run!.


What ever they do, it will have to be well orcastrated

Don't miss the explodingwhale.com including the Blog's report.

suck it up - there's rotten stinkin' caucuses all across the US

"...it attracts a lot of unwanted predators."

Luke Martin, local surfer, describing how the whale is bringing a lot of unwanted selfie artists to his favorite surfing/attempted drowning spot.

Bring in the Oregon Highway department and their dynamite. Only this time call it a government sponsored program: " Sharing the Ambergris with me gathered masses."

Quick. Call the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.

Just tell him there's another documentary Palme D'or in it for him if he leaves.

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