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April 27, 2016


Florida man tries to feed raccoon, learns valuable lesson

(Thanks to funny man)


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"luckily I have time to write this before I pass out"

Thank goodness we have a conscientious social media contributor who can warn the general public against offering a hand out to a wild animal.

(That's why they wear masks. Makes it harder to identify individual raccoons. )

He won't enjoy the rabies shots. But what is really scary is the cat setting the raccoons up to attack. The squirrels are recruiting many helpers into their cause.

"oh lookie! Kitty kats! Here kitty kitty..."

I wonder how he posted that with one hand.

At least there are shots for rabies, although they cost about $5000 post-exposure. However, there is no cure for this.

He'd get far worse if he tried to hand Rosie O'Donnell a cupcake.

Thanks, Ralph. Now we have even more reason to fear the raccoons and the squirrels. seriousy, I have never heard of this disease. not good.

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