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April 27, 2016


Brawl breaks out at Alabama city council meeting after the mayor punched a councilman in the face

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Jon Harris)


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I knew holding the Council meeting at Chuck E. Cheese was a mistake.

LOL @ Jeff Meyerson.

"Let's get ready to go through the agendaaaaaa!!"

ha, meanie - hey, all What is Your Pro Wrestling Name? !

looks like these guys are Full Metal Stink Face vs Cerebral Legend

dave barry = Tearhole Austin


I'll bet we get better audience attendance at city council meetings than you other boring states do... :)

Mine is pretty cool - Doctor Shadow.

Thanks ligirl - My new name is Polar Annihilator!

It was in the midst of an impassioned debate over how best to memorialize Rob Ford.

We were elected to do a job and this stuff just keeps us from doing that.

It's rampant during campaign debates, too. I'm surprised this didn't happen in Texas.

ligirl, I think there's something wrong with that wrestling name generator:
The Grand Eunuch

My wrestling name is "Evil Dingus".

Beat that!

OK guys. Do as Uncle Jeff said and take it to Chuck E. Cheese and settle it there like gentlemen.

At least they are getting something done! (the brawl).

Our lackluster Congress hasn't done anything in over four months. Send Alabama's Councilfolks to Congress.

So here is the feature match of the night at Madison Square Garden:

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present:

Evil Dingus vs The Grand Eunuch!

Speaking as Silver Volcano (based on my real name) or Diamond Soul Keeper (based on my surreal (blog) name), I can safely say that you will never know my real-name-based Diva name, and also that every one of us has the same Lucha name, whatever such a thing is.

MTB: Lucha Libre means " free fight" in Spanish. We call it Saturday night in the States. One question; does the Silver Volcano require human sacrifices. And if so If so, does it take suggestions?

Thanks, LeP. And the suggestion box needs to be emptied again.

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