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April 26, 2016


Hey, my new young-adult book -- The Worst Night Ever -- is out today. It has teenaged angst AND lethally venomous scorpions. 

Wors Night Ever Cover


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Thats it??? I would think you could come up with a worse night than that Dave.

But does it have lethally venomous angst and teenage scorpions?

And Amazon has told me it's on it's way! Yay!

I hope you asked Steve about it before you used that title.

I saw Teenaged Angst warming up for Boy George back in '82. Helluva show.

hmmm...no trex?

Legally Venomous Scorpions? As if there are ANY other kind...

Oh. Lethally Venomous...Nevermind. Anybody see the geezer bus?

It was a dark and stormy ale.

The table had not been bused. And I noticed that someone had left a copy of THE WORST NIGHT EVER lying there. This was going to be a good meal and great day!

Do any of the teenagers actually talk with their parents?

If so, it's a work of pure fiction.

Ordered this one and the one before it. I can't wait to get them.

Going to the Naperville event at Prairie Elementary School, sponsored by Anderson's Bookstore to have my copy signed!

I'll buy a few to use for gifts. Can't go wrong there as every one I have given has been appreciated very much and garnered great reader reviews.

My home also has teenaged angst and lethally venomous scorpions.

The angst is in its teen years?

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