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April 26, 2016


This Japanese dude built a robotic tongue to lick his favorite anime characters

(Thanks to John Mayson)


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Even Dr. Phil would be at a loss to explain what fetish this guy suffers from. But the "device" does have other applications. All best left unsaid.

I'm betting he's single, ladies.

Call right now and receive the fondle finger at no extra cost.

Would you buy a used television from this man ?

His second invention. The first was a robotic nose to savor girl's underwear.

Clear evidence that artificial intelligence is going to pass us right by. How long can robots accept such behavior?

仕事の息子を取得します。(Translation: Get a job, son.)

funny man, this is one of the times when trusting Google Translate was a bad idea. します is not the imperative form, and 仕事の息子 means "son of work".

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