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April 27, 2016


A lawyer has been caught on camera eating an important document

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Nice shirt. Very "legal" outfit.

This is my kind of lawyer.

Did someone order cyanide toner for the law office printer?

This could lead to a substantial garnishment.

Now we need someone to eat the recording.

a workload can consume you - i guess in russia it works both ways ?

I believe it was the movie "Tommy Boy" which introduced the quote "Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?"

The layer must have eaten a lot of evidence before, judging from his looks.

Did he need to wash it down with some soup?

The mob boss told him:" eat those words--or else."

So Russia's version of "Eat my shorts!" is "Eat my briefs!"?

taking a bite out of crime.

Judge: " We'll take a 2 day recess... "

he charges $600 per bite.

My sister has a nurse type job for a Dr. Office and one of her duties was to write down a preliminary description of the patients symptoms/problems. One time a lady, rather sheepishly, told her she loved to eat cardboard boxes. Turns out this is motivated by an iron deficiency problem which something in cardboard boxes alleviates. Maybe this lawyer is gobbling down paper to address this problem.

@LeDud .. very selectively gobbling down paper

This is hard to swallow.

The one time "tastes like cardboard" is NOT a metaphor.

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