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April 28, 2016


Thursday, the day before he was shot in a Key West home during an argument, artist William Selesnick called police to warn that a series of fires would be set by followers of Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I saw Shirley MacLaine's Followers open for Hot Tuna.

Heckuva show.

Shirley McLaine's Army is a formidable foe

Today is nursecindy's birthday.

Please mark your calendars and celebrate appropriately.

Happy Birthday!!

Nothing in the report indicates Selesnick even knows MacLaine, 81...

Course he did! It was a past life, when Rome burned....

There are people who go nuts when they drink or do drugs. Then there are nuts who drink and do drugs. In this case, it's multiple choice with no wrong answer.

Happy Birthday Nursecindy!

Thank you Jeff and maryqos!

Hey Nursecindy! Have a great birthday and all best wishes.

Happy Birthday nursecindy! So you finally reached adulthood and you can officially celebrate with a sip of a beer!

Happy birthday, fellow Taurus nursecindy! Go out and have a good time and use whichever restroom you feel most comfortable in. :)

Happy 29th birthday NC! Hope you got the Ultra Mega Waxer 2000!

Happy Birthday, Nursecindy! Just don't celebrate at Waffle place or Chuckee pizza place we read about so often!

happy birthday to someone who surely is *not*
at All like shirley maclaine,
while cindy is classy & funny (& 'hot'!)
the other one's surely insane

Key West--A small drinking village with a fishing problem

Jeff - does it really have to be appropriately? If so, is at least a low bar?

(Happy Xth Birthday, Ms. Nurse!)

Thanks to everyone! Thumbs up to ligirl. When you get to my age the only way to celebrate is appropriately otherwise you'll end up in the hospital. My daughter is taking me to dinner tonight so there's a good chance that at some point I'll be asked if I want fries with that.

Happy birthday, Nursecindy!

Happy birthday, nursecindy!

Happy birthday, nursecindy!

Thanks to everyone! You've absolutely made my day.

Happy birthday, NC!

I hate to break it to you, but you get *paid* to end up in a hospital!

(Not enough, I admit, but, still...)

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