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April 28, 2016


Windows 10 interrupts a live TV broadcast with an unwanted upgrade

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Microsoft interrupted my reading of this story with an unwanted upgrade.

What did I miss?

that's Nothing compared to This interruption of live tv - NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

That is terrible to upgrade software during a weather report on TV.

Ever hear the phrase "An Apple a day"?

That's why real weather people (And smart computer users) all use Macs. They just work :)

Not that I'm biased towards Apple products or anything...

What I found most amusing was the bickering in the comments by the computer wonks arguing over the technical aspects of the report. I am starting to think the grammar police aren't so bad.

It's nice to see Microsoft staying true to it's roots and giving so many so many reasons to keep hating the company even decades later.

Want to make that particular annoying 'upgrade to Windows 10' pop up go away permanently? Here's how. Open control panel, Programs and Features, click on View Installed Updates, then find and uninstall update KB3035583.

Should the above instructions make absolutely no sense to you at all and you need further technical assistance, open the windows and toss your computer out the windows onto the lawn. Done.

Not so much Hi-D as Heidi.

I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago and "upgraded" to Windows 10 from version 7. I HATE it and am going to have a geek take it off. Or follow Manual Tomato's good advice and simply take the computer outside and shoot it.

Siri would never have done that.

A very large online retailer sends me computer related components to review and lets me keep the components in exchange for my review which they publish on line so others will read the review and think, "hey, I NEED this."

When I build a system and test and review a motherboard for example, I always end the review stating the out the windows onto the lawn option I mentioned above.

manual t, I like your style.

Search for "Never 10", to find a great free application written by Steve Gibson to disable the upgrade permanently and remove the 6.5 GB of Win 10 files automatically downloaded to prepare for it. It does not install any software on your machine and can be deleted after use.

Thanks MOTW. If you feel compelled to make a similar gracious comment regarding my 'technique' in the future, please feel free. My 'style and technique' is what makes me a unique mediocre guitar player/online computer component tester/reviewer. I'm not one to gloat, but I consider myself the Eric Clapton of Windows based computer systems. I have not played my Stratocaster in recent weeks. It's laying out on the front lawn.

FYI on NEVER 10: it only works on Winblows 7 and above.

Tonight: a high-pressure system moves out of our hardware in the early evening, highlighted by a drop of 140 GB. Steady clearing immediately following, with sunshine and blue skies emerging in the morning.

Tomorrow: the skies are not cloudy all day.

Weekend: Definitely.

Tonight's forecast: DARK followed by increasing light in the morning. The radar is picking up a line of thunderstorms. But it's also picking up a line of Russian ICBMs over Greenland .. so I wouldn't sweat the thunderstorms.

Windows 10 installed itself on my PC and since then my PC has more crashes than the Washington Beltway. I didn't think it was possible to get worse than Windows 8 but, when the PC does run, it's slower than something that's really, really slow. Manual Tomato, I may follow your advice even though I hate to ruin our lawn.

Microsoft: Redefining Reagan's Evil Empire.

How slow is it?
Thundering along like a herd of turtles through peanut butter in the winter.

Alternatives to Never 10:

1] GWX Control Panel (may give you a temporary small nag warning if you have auto updates enabled)

2] The official Microsoft method for some versions of Win7 and Win8 (Never 10 does this for you):
A) Search for: Group Policies (not present in all versions)
1. Under: Computer Configuration
2. Click: Policies.
3. Click: Administrative Templates.
4. Click: Windows Components.
5. Click: Windows Update.
6. Double-click: Turn off the upgrade to the latest version of Windows through Windows Update.
7. Click: Enable.
8. Click: Apply.

3] Vote for Trump. He will build a wall to keep updates from invading our televisions.

The green screen of death is upon the broadcast.

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