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April 28, 2016


Japan wants foreign tourists to avoid 'public flatulence'

(Thanks to Steve Thompson)


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Hm. I have no first hand knowledge of this, butt I recall reading in "Dave Barry does Japan" an account of a brief conversation regarding flatulence indicating that it was generally regarded as okay to "let her rip." Although it was suspected that the one claiming this was trying to lure the author into the embarrassment of loosing a "force ten pants buster" and thus become the object of tittering ridicule.

Well, stop making the tourists eat all the darn rice and raw fish wrapped up in seaweed.

If it's tastefully done to music, I fail to see the problem.

Foreign tourists responded by saying, "I spent a lot of money to visit your little country so if I want to let it rip then by golly I'm going to let it rip! Burp".

I lived in Japan for a while back in the 90s doing a graduate fellowship and from what I know it's perfectly acceptable to fart in public. I recall having dinner in a crowded restauratnt and the "gentleman" seated at the next table let loose with a roarer. Nobody batted an eye. Blowing one's nose in public, however, could possibly result in jail time.

I get suspicious every time they bow.

This doesn't pass the smell test. Wait, what test?

I have a fond memory of a kindly gentleman furiously flapping the back of his overcoat as a sort of a bellows to rid lingering flatulence before boarding a streetcar.
I also had the great fortune to be observing this kindness from far enough away not to be in range of his gallantry.

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