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April 27, 2016


Here’s how it works: a man who suddenly finds himself curious to know his level of body odor can activate the app, put the smartphone near his armpit, and allow the electronic nose to pick up smell and analyze it based on a specially created algorithm that previously evaluated the scent of 4,000 other males.

(Thanks to coscolo)


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When will smartphones come with a robotic tongue that can take this to the next level?

Another good way of judging your amount of body odor is to look around and see how many people are moving away from you. No smartphone needed.

That's odd. Mine keeps telling me to stop buying competitors' deodorants.

I want to know who the other 4000 men are. Pro Wrestlers? Longshoremen? The Prince of Wales? Caitlyn?

Siri turns in her resignation. Walks out.

Siri has just been upgraded to add insults if her sensors detect body odor.

Eventually Siri, Cortana and (Amazon's) Alexis are gonna have a show-down, and I'm hoping to catch the live stream!

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