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April 15, 2016


A Guy Accidentally Bought A Cow Online After Taking Sleeping Pills For The First Time

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Look out for that AmoZon delivery drone!

I saw The Golden Yaks open for Archie Bell & the Drells.

insomniyak ?

so some dude gets drunk and yaks in the middle of the night... Shocking..
Hey Jeff, how does a yak Tighten Up??

I would like to buy a slightly used yak, in good condition, no scratches or dents, fresh paint job. I hear that "chicks dig yaks".

Any way he wants to, Sean.

♪ You signed the papers, you're protest's trash
We can't refund your digital cash
If you don't accept that knock on your door
You're still responsible and a little more poor
Yakety yak (don't take back) ♫

amnesiyak ?

It's pretty hard to believe that someone would order a yak, even when high

And yet, those are the yakety facts.

Don't have a cow, man!

^5 Meanie

This is all kinds of messed up. He should have started with a cow, traded them for magic beans and then climbed a beanstalk. Instead he swallows the magic beans, buys a cow than has a cow.

♫ Oh Internet Oh Internet what have I done
I made a purchase that's no longer fun
I was drugged on sleeping pills I claim
But I wanted my fifteen minutes of Fame,
SO I posted on Imgur and Facebook, Joe (That's right)

Hit the road Yak and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.
Hit the road Yak and don't you come back no more. ♫

That's pretty cheap for a Yak delivery. Do they use an old AN 26 to ship them?

Here is the link to Yaks N Things.

Ralph: Shipping for Livestock Freight (10 - 25 days): $388.99
That's cheep?

He shouldn't feel too bad. I once bought five Holiday Barbies on ebay and I wasn't on any kind of medicine.

Those Mad Men guys can make you buy anything.

coweat emptor

If she had spinal problems, I'd have to name her Sacroiliyak.

Hi, Honey, What's for dinner?
But we had that last night. What about tomorrow?
I see. Still upset?

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