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April 27, 2016


Florida man in Superman shirt steals kiddie ride

(Thanks to Chris Elzi)


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He was arrested and charged with petit theft, criminal mischief and molesting a vending machine.

Petit theft? Was it asking to be petted?

"But officer, it was a consenting vending machine. It took my quarters, which I later stole back."

There's nothing lower than a vending machine molester.

That machine must be feeling extremely violated. Poor thing!

Diaz was clothed in a Superman jersey, dragging the ride from the front of the store by its power cord

'loco' motives?

The surveillance footage is something his mom will always treasure.

yes, silver volcano, I'm sure the video would be more powerful than his loco motives

Ha, sam awesome!

King Canine, aka this Superclown, would be way better off with a secret identity.

The Man of "Steal" strikes again.

Who would threaten Superman?

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