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March 27, 2016


Marauding parents in Easter Egg hunt rampage

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, Patty Villanova and John Gregg)


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I actually lived in Connecticut for three years in the 80's (my first management job). This is unbelievable. From my experience, CT adults are too fat to mob (waddle, maybe) anything. This is beyond sad.

And, a very Happy Cro-Magnon Easter to everyone!

But, seriously, horrible...we have met the enemy, and it ain't ISIS. (Although, the fact that the melee took place on PEZ Field is somewhat poetic, given that this is a candy holiday...)

Happy Sane and Dignified Easter to Dave, Judi, their families, and to my fellow Blogophytes (you all play nice, now, and share your chocolate!)

Time to roll out the Easter Egg Air Cannon.

Parents obviously got into a jelly bean sugar rush before going to the hunt. No lamb or ham for you!

Today's "facepalm" moment.

All of this idiocy and there was never any "golden ticket". What the hell were they thinking? They weren't, obviously.

OK, parents, time for Chuck E. Cheese.

And they're all voters.

@Clankie - True and very scary.

Marauding Parents opened for Kids on the Block.

We're going to need some bigger Chuck E. Cheeses.

Which, no doubt, will lead to a new series: Orange is the New Attica Riot.

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with an Easter egg is...

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